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Updated 6/1/24

Other Dobsonian Goodies

Integrated EZ adjust setting circles.
For your mount, on our bearings, or specific for GSO/Apertura.

Height adjustment stands.

ATM Altitude and Azimuth
Bearing Parts

Laminate rings and strips.
Teflon pads.
Azimuth bolt assembly kits

Sharper Image Masks

Primary:Fix Turned Down Edge.    

Primary: Remove mirror clip flare.
Spider: Remove diffraction spikes.

Premium Mirror Cells
for 6" to 13.1" mirrors.

Each cell design calculated to optimize your mirror's performance. Eliminates mirror-clip aberrations for true circular aperture.

Clamshell & Rotating Rings

For Dobsonian mounts
For Equatorial mounts


Available for immediate shipping.

Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings and
Large Altitude Bearings Finished.

Interior stiffening.

Azimuth and left side altitude manual setting circles.

For tube diameter: 10 inches.

Balance point height: 23 inches.

$400.00 plus shipping.

Originally designed for Ceravolo HD-216 Maksutov-Newtonian.

Design drawing available.

Solid Mount with Large Altitude Bearings Kit

Enough room for 28" center of balance.

Large bearings have 6mm holes for ring set up to 11.22" flat to flat. Can be adapted for smaller diameter ring set, or add a clamshell ring.

New easy adjustable style azimuth setting circle with altitude setting circle left side.

$245 plus shipping.

Design drawing available.