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Collapsible Mounts
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Install heaviest eyepiece, Barlow, binoviewer and finders. Roll tube over broomstick for approximate balance point from rear of tube:
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Mount Type Description
Prices are for standard size 8"-12.5" telescopes and may vary for larger or smaller. Use our quote form.
SC-KM Kit Mount Only
SC-KMSB Kit Mount with Small Bearings (up to 12")
SC-KMLB Kit Mount with Large Bearings (up to 18")
SC-KMCRSB Kit Mount with Clamshell Rings Small Altitude Bearings
SC-KMCRLB Kit Mount with Clamshell Large Large Altitude Bearings

SC-FM Finished Mount Only
SC-FMSB Finished Mount with Small Altitude Bearings (up to 12")
SC-FMLB Finished Mount with Large Altitude Bearings (up to 18")
SC-FMCRSB Finished Mount with Clamshell Rings Small Altitude Bearings
SC-FMCRLB Finished Mount with Clamshell Rings Large Altitude Bearings

Singularity Collapsible Series Mounts 50% Deposit

Sky Commander Digital Setting Circles
Find targets quickly. Order and we'll do installation on your new mount.

$485.00 installed. Contact us for options if you already own a Sky Commander.

Deposits and refunds: refunds less PayPal transaction fees before custom design drawings are completed. After drawing completion refund is less $50 plus PayPal transaction fees. No deposit refunds after parts are cut.