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Updated 6/1/24

Other Dobsonian Goodies

Integrated EZ adjust setting circles.
For your mount, on our bearings, or specific for GSO/Apertura.

Height adjustment stands.

ATM Altitude and Azimuth
Bearing Parts

Laminate rings and strips.
Teflon pads.
Azimuth bolt assembly kits

Sharper Image Masks

Primary:Fix Turned Down Edge.    

Primary: Remove mirror clip flare.
Spider: Remove diffraction spikes.

Premium Mirror Cells
for 6" to 13.1" mirrors.

Each cell design calculated to optimize your mirror's performance. Eliminates mirror-clip aberrations for true circular aperture.

Clamshell & Rotating Rings

For Dobsonian mounts
For Equatorial mounts

Help choosing a mount

Please help us understand your needs and current knowledge about Dobsonian Mounts
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Understand most terminology but not a builder.
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The telescope:
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Lowest price.
Reducing weight.
Ease of transport/storage.
Comfortable height.
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  1. Tube circumference: Please use cloth tape measure, overlap the end.

  2. Tube balance point:
    1. Place heaviest eyepiece in focuser.
    2. Add finders (optical and 1x) on tube.
    3. Roll over broomstick for approx balance.
    4. Measure balance point to back of tube.