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Dobsonian Mounts

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Image Sharpening Masks

:  Fix Turned Down Edge.  
Imaging: Remove mirror clip flare.
Aperture: Eliminate spider spikes. 
OOptimized Mirror Cells

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AstroGoods Premium Mirror Cell Kits
Custom built for up to 13.1" primary mirrors.
Designed to mirror's specifications for top performance.
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Every mirror cell we supply is individually designed. Mirror support points are computed for the individual mirror specs providing top performance. Space around and over the mirror (thickness and diameter) is minimized to prevent unwanted/unnecessary movement in the cell. We have eliminated mirror clips to achieve a perfectly round mirror face without intrusions for sharper images (reduces star flaring). Diagram shows our final design.

The cell shown is our first article, assembled to "dry fit" before sanding. Kits arrive assembled, just disassemble, fine sand and paint or finish.

Materials and manufacture:
  • CNC design and cutting assures precision results.
  • Constructed of rigid, thermally stable light weight 3/4" birch plywood.
  • Cell design allows maximum openness for quick cool down.
  • Floating six-point supports calculated for optimal performance.
Dimensions and weight:
  • Fully compressed front plate face to tube mounting holes: 1.25".
  • Fully compressed between front and back plate: 0.125".
  • Fully compressed collimation bolts extend 1" from rear of cell.
  • Back plate O.D. Designed 0.125" (0.25" total) less than tube I.D.
  • 13.1" cell shown weighs approximately 3.6 lbs.
(1) Retaining ring:
  • Eliminates mirror clips for a round mirror face, no intrusions.
  • Overhangs mirror by 0.125".
  • Mirror cannot fall out through smaller opening.
  • Attaches to (2) front plate (black sections).
  • Secures mirror sides evenly (black sections) with 0.0625" space.
(2) Front plate:
  • Completely open design. No obstructions behind mirror.
  • Pads on three support arms hold mirror 0.125" above front plate.
(3, 4) Rear plate:
  • Collimating knobs tighten on inset Teflon; smooth easy turning.
  • Cell position can be locked with three nylon screws.
  • Rear plate options: (3) unobstructed. (4) with drilled/inset for fan.
What you receive and need:
  • Arrives assembled, sanded with 80 grit.
  • All parts included except 0.25" tube mounting bolts and nuts.
  • Requires: finishing or painting and reassembly.
What we need from you:
Primary Mirror Size
Premium cell kits for up to 13.1" mirror.

Recent cell diagram - click to enlarge.

Showing Teflon backed knobs and locks.

Open design, no center obstructions.

Optional drilled inset for mirror fans.