Products CNC manufactured for uniformity and precision.

Dobsonian Mounts
Height can be designed for comfort. Kit or finished. Solid or collapsible. Variations avaialbe:

Mount only, or
... with fitted alt. bearings, or
... with clamshell rings and bearings
New and available:
6" f8, 8" f6 mount/bearing kit $189.50

Altitude Bearings
New: Turn 5" into 12" Big Bearings.
New: Mirror box bearing supports.
Small bearings fit to tube curve.
Large bearings for mirror boxes.

Add bearings to your existing rings.

Mirror Cells
New: 6" low cost, 3 point support.
Standard 8" - 12.5", 6 point flotation.

Universal for conical or standard.

Clamshell Rings
Dovetail plate mount Newtonians on these heavy duty or
lightweight rings.

Kydex Light Baffles
New: Eliminates stray light.

ATM parts
New: Round Teflon improves motion.
Teflon altitude and azimuth pads.
FRP bearing strips, azimuth rings.
Aluminum tubes.
Tube end rings

Astro Club Discount Program

Discounts & Leftovers.
FRP azimuth disks and rings.

Customer Comments

Custom Work / Who Are We?


Customer Comments and Photos.

Let us add you to this list!

Collapsible Mount and Altitude Bearings:

This customer, in Brazil, did a beautiful job finishing a kit he purchased.

"Mount works perfectly, going from zero to slightly over 90 degress. Altitude movement is silk smooth; azimutal movement is firm and precise. Mount height and tube clearance were spot-on! There´s about one inch of clearance." - Marcelo I.

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More images from other customers can be seen below the comments section.

Solid Mount and Clamshell Rings with Bearings:

"I have received the mount and finally had a chance to try it out last night. It is awesome! It looks stunning, the movement is perfect, and I love the way it folds up. The scope features a CZ mirror, an Astrosystems 1/30th wave secondary, and a flocked tube with a Moonlite focuser and a Paracorr 2. I was delighted to see that this telescope performs very, very well indeed." - Matt M.

Collapsible Mount and Clamshell Rings with Bearings:

"I have just had the best weekend, astronomy wise and all due to you.(Plus we finally have clear skies) Thank you a thousand fold, the mount just goes wonderfully, the smoothness and stability. The height is great, can’t express my gratitude and excitement enough. My family would also like to thank you as well, as they now have a happy wife and mother. I haven’t connected the Argo Navis up yet, this weekend’s project. I’m also certain when our group finally gets together they are going to be impressed and I will be able to tell them where to go with confidence." - Maureen Boyd, Australia

Collapsible Mount and Clamshell Rings with Bearings:

"I have stained and assembled the mount; excellent job in your design. I’m in the process of putting the whole 8 inch scope together and when done, I’ll send you pictures. The mount has great movement and stability, I’m really enjoying this mount." - S. Block

Universal Mirror Cell:

"Hi, I just received mirror cell. I am Very satisfied with quality, fast shipping and packing!!" Jo - Korea

Solid Mount:

"Beautiful work! Pure pleasure to use and not have to think how this or that eyepiece will affect the scope's balance" J Schwartz

T2 Telescope Transport:

"The scope and dolly are a perfect match. Looks great and rides smooth and easy, Mark" - G. Alba

Collapsible Mount:

"Just to let you know the mount (kit) went together really well." JB

Universal Mirror Cell:

"Hi Mark -I am very very very satisfied! I'll take it to the astronomy club of São Paulo and show my friends."
- M Corrêa, Brazil

Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings:

"The motion is excellent and the balance is very good. Nice fit & finish all around." W. Thomas

Universal Mirror Cell:

"The cell actually looks and feels more sturdy then the impression the photos gave me." - J. Hackman

Solid Mount:

"Wow!!! It's beautiful and the movements are so smooth. Thanks for a great product." W. Ferrara

Collapsible Mount:

"Ingenuous and folds down to a very manageable size and weight. I'm very impressed!!" G. Susick

Solid Mount:

"Fits better than from the factory." A. Bessler

Collapsible Mount:

"Thank you for the mount! It looks great." T. Campbell

Solid Mount:

"Mark you are an amazing Dob Mount maker." B. Stone - 8" Orion XT

Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings:

"There is a lot of forgiveness with the balancing. Very pleased." T. McGuire

Collapsible Mount:

"The collapsible Dob is a home run, Mark, a grand slam home run!!" J. Robinson

Solid Mount:

"Huge improvement over the stock mount from Discovery Telescopes" J. Fisher

Solid Mount and Clamshell Rings with Altitude Bearings:

Ron had us make a mount with bearings for his 10", and clamshell rings with bearings for his 6" to fit the 10" mount -

"Stand arrived this evening. Great job! Looks super, works great. The most amazing part is that it weighs 1/1,000th the weight of the original Orion stand!! Geez!! The real reason that I wanted the mount, so I could put my 6" to good use also. I had no mount for it before, now it looks good enough to sell. BUT - I won't!!" Ron DeAngelis

Solid Mount and Clamshell Rings with Altitude Bearings Kit:

"Looks great Mark, can't wait to put it all together, thanks." Pat

Many of the photos below are of the old style triangular ground board, which have been replaced by round boards on current mounts.

One mount made for 6" and 10" OTA clamshell rings