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About Our Custom Dobsonian Mounts
Mount types, how to choose what's best for you, materials used, how we get you what you expect

Standard Solid Mounts

This page contains information for:

Mount types available

  1. Rock Steady (RS) Custom Solid Series Mounts.
  2. Singularity Collapse (SC) Custom Collapsible Series Mounts.
  3. Standard Solid Mounts with Bearings: Fixed design that allows one mount to fit multiple telescope tubes.

Solid mounts are theoretically more rigid than collapsibles, but we've received no complaints about our collapsible mount's rigidity. Collapsibles are primarily designed for easy transportation and storage; folding flat to 5" height.

Within each solid and collapsible mount category, four subcategory types are available: three providing custom design, one a fixed standard design:

  1. Custom Mounts - to fit telescope tubes that have altitude bearings.
  2. Custom Mounts and Altitude Bearings - to fit telescope tubes without altitude bearings, or to upgrade small to larger bearings.
  3. Custom Mounts with Clamshell Rings and Altitude Bearings - allows rotation and repositioning of the telescope tube.
  4. Standard Solid Mount with Bearings - fits up to 12.5" tube diameters allowing approximately 23" swing-through room. Ask how to fit longer tubes.

Each type of mount is available as a kit, or finished:

  1. Kits have all parts included and arrive rough sanded, designed for ease of assembly. You fine sand, paint/finish and assemble. Requires hammer, Phillips screwdriver, crescent wrenches and small bottle of contact cement for bearing laminates.
  2. Finished arrives completed, water resistant red tinted gloss finish applied. Can be shipped unassembled to save cost or meet international size restrictions. In certain cases we may suggest sending easy to assemble parts unassembled.

Which mount type will will work best for you?
Does your telescope have only a tube without altitude bearings?
  Choose either:

1. Standard mount and bearings.
2. Custom mount with fitted altitude bearings.
3. Custom mount with clamshell rings and bearings.
Does your telescope have existing altitude bearings?
Choose either:

1. Standard mount and bearings.
2. Custom mount.
3. Custom mount with fitted altitude bearings: larger bearings would improve altitude control and balance.
4. Custom mounts with clamshell rings and bearings: improved control and balance, allows repositioning the eyepiece.
Is your telescope on an equatorial head in existing rings you want to use?

Choose either:

1. Custom mount with fitted altitude bearings.
2. Custom mounts with clamshell or rings and bearings: improved control and balance, ability to reposition the eyepiece.


Dobsonian Mounts for your SCT, Mak-Newt, Mak-Cass, very long Newtonian, refractor, or tripod mounting a small telescope.
  1. See our other custom mounts for solutions with sufficient stiffness to assure steadiness and comfortable eyepiece height.
Mount Materials
Our mounts are made from 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood. Solid mounts have 3/8" dowels inside the joints between rocker box boards and screwed together, both to add stiffness. Collapsible mounts fold flat to 5" height, are one-piece with all boards connected by heavy duty anodized aluminum hinges, and secured when assembled using clamping knobs. Clamping knobs store on-board when folded flat. Bearing materials are Teflon, Starboard and Formica crystal 909-42 laminate. Rocker box is attached to the ground board using 3/8" bolt, nylon flanged bushing, t-nut and nylock.

How does AstroGoods get you what you want?

When you consider a custom mount from AstroGoods, you are in control of the design. Our customers range from those who leave it to us and our experience, to other who prefer participating at all levels of design. We work with everyone to the level they choose.

We begin by discussing your goals, considering any your requirements, possibilities or special requests. This is where we sort out possible from unrealistic and problem solve to achieve your wishes. Discussion is by e-mail ensuring we both have a record to work from.

Once the design concept is agreed upon, place your order and we will create the design.

A drawing is generated in a CAD program. You are e-mailed a PDF of the drawing showing all pertinent dimensions. We ask you review and give approval to proceed, or request revisions. You have control over the process:

View this example PDF design drawing:

Upon your approval of the design drawing, these dates are scheduled:

  1. CNC router time for cutting parts.
  2. Sanding parts.
  3. Cutting and fitting teflon and bearing laminates.
  4. Spray finishing if applicable.
  5. Estimated ship date.

We reply promptly to all customer job status inquiries.

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