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ATM Teflon And Bearing Material

ATM Order Shipping Cost:

  • Teflon pads: shipping included..
  • Laminate strips: Mailed at USPS flat rate of $8.95 flat rate within U.S. Teflon parts will be included in the same box.
  • Laminate rings: Inquire for shipping cost which vary by destination. We can include teflon and laminate stirps in the rings box. Laminate strip shipping charge of $8.95 will be applied to the ring shipping cost.

Laser Cut Azimuth Bearing Laminate Rings
Black Formica laminate Crystal 42

(1) Maximum outside diameter
(2) Desired outside diameter
(3) Ring width up to 1.5"

Altitude Bearing Laminate 48" Strips
Black Formica laminate Crystal 42


Virgin Teflon (PTFE) Pads

Predrilled and countersunk with #6 flathead screws included.

0.75"x1.00" Altitude pads.
1.00"x1.00" Altitude pads.
1.25"x1.25" Azimuth pads.

Azimuth pads ordered with Azimuth Laminate Bearing Ring:
Pads can be sized to match width of azimuth ring up to 1.5".