CNC Manufactured AstroGoods.

New Products

Low cost standardized mounts.
Rotating rings for GEMs.
4.25" mirror cells - soon.

Primary mirror masks.

Crystal 909 bearing laminate.

  • Limited Time End Of Summer Pricing.
  • Low cost standard mounts with bearings.
  • Custom mounts to improve performance.
  • SCT and other OTAs on Dob mounts.
  • Limited Time End Of Summer Pricing.
  • 6" - 13.1" optimized to your mirror's spec.
  • Universal cells for conical/standard mirrors.

Altitude Bearings

  • Swap small bearings for large ones.
  • Small bearings fitted to your tube O.D.
  • Large bearings for tubes or mirror boxes.
  • Add bearings to Newtonian ring sets.
  • Bearing supports.

Clamshell Rings

  • Equatorial head mounting your Dob OTA.
  • Clamshell Rings and Bearings.
  • Lightweight rings for smaller telescopes.
  • Alt and Az bearing laminate strips and rings.
  • Teflon Alt and Az pads.
  • Aluminum tubes.
  • Tube end protectors.

Streetlight Baffles

  • Keep stray light away from your focuser.
  • FRP azimuth disks and rings.

ATM Parts
E-Mail for shipping estimates
Azimuth Bearing Rings Cut To Size: Formica laminate Crystal 42

(1) Maximum outside diameter range:
(2) Actual outside diameter:
(3) Inside diameter (max is outside diameter minus 3inches).

Altitude Bearing 48" Strips: Formica laminate Crystal 42
Shipping to continental USA included in price.


Virgin Teflon Pads

Three sizes of pads available:

0.75"x1.00", 1.00"x1.00" altitude pads, 1.25"x1.25" azimuth pads. All are predrilled and countersunk with #6 flathead scews included.

When you order an Azimuth Bearing Ring and 1.25"x1.25" teflon azimuth pads, we will size the teflon pad width to your ordered azimuth ring width.

Shipping to continental USA included in price of teflon and altitude bearing strips.



Aluminum Tubes

Tubes are cut to your specified length. Minimum order $50. Pricing is to the next foot.

Outside Diameter / Length - 0.064 inch Wall Thickness
Specify exact length

Tube End Protectors

3/4" Baltic Birch cut to fit your tube. 1.5" wide over tube's wall with .583" deep channel. Measure tube circumference with a cloth tape measure, wall thickness with a ruler or micrometer.

Press on or glue to tube. Finished end rings are fine sprayed finished using red tinted acrylic polymer.

E-mail for shipping costs, or place order and we'll send shipping costs for pre-approval.

Tube outside diameter
Tube wall thickness