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Manual setting circles.
Use 2 telescopes on one mount.
Height adjustment stands
Object Finders 
Custom manual setting circles.
  Digital Setting Circle Installation.
 Image Sharpening
Primary:Fix Turned Down Edge. 
Imaging: Remove mirror clip flare.
Aperture: Eliminate spider spikes.
 Optimized Mirror Cells
6" to 13.1"
Clipless Premium.
Clamshell & Rotating Rings
For Dobsonian mounts
For Equatorial mounts

Altitude Bearings 

Locking Capture and Incised Channel

The Tightrope Walker:

"Balance is everything" - if your bearings are undersized, you will have balance problems. The width of an altitude bearing emulates a balance pole used by tightrope walkers. The pole spreads balance out over a large base. Too short, the tightrope walker can't balance. Think of your own balance, you're easier to tip with your feet close together. Altitude bearings function the same. Don't shortchange yourself, widen your telescope's balance. And a bonus: larger bearings provide finer incremental movement control.

Type Description
BBK Big Bearings Kit
BBF Big Bearings Finished
SBK Small Bearings (12") Kit
SBF Small Bearings Finished
LBK Large Bearings (18") Kit
LBF Large Bearings Finished
SBSK Small Bearings Support Kit*
SBSF Small Bearings Support Finished*
LBSK Large Bearings Support Kit*
LBSF Large Bearings Support Finished*
* with bearings only.

Fix Small factory under-balanced bearings with
Big Bearings 12" upgrade.

Small factory bearings standard on mass produced Dobsonian telescopes are an inherent design flaw causing balance problems. 12" Big Bearings solve this issue, improving balance, motion, giving finer control, adding a lock mechanism for eyepiece change.

All parts included: bearings, supports, support screws, teflon, bearings laminate, fine tuning assembly. Requires glue for laminate (contact cement), Philips screwdriver and 3/4" longer bearings bolts.

Standard 12" and 18" Bearings.

Standard 12" and standard 18" altitude bearings with incised channels for fine tuning guides and sideboard supports. Both 12" and 18" designs incorporate cutouts to allow easy lifting and carrying of your telescope. Inside braces (shown on left bearing) are individually cut to precisely match your telescope tube outside diameter. Choose among these options:

  • With 3/8" center hole for bolting to you tube.
  • Holes to mount to your existing tube ring set.
  • No mounting holes (drill your own).
  • Curved bearing braces with matching bearing holes.
  • Fine tuning guides, channels and sideboard supports.
  • Other custom sizes upon request.

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12" Big Bearings.

Under-balanced factory bearings.

Small Bearing Internally Mounted

Small Bearing

Carry handles are built in.

Standard 18" bearings