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Updated 6/1/24

Other Dobsonian Goodies

Integrated EZ adjust setting circles.
For your mount, on our bearings, or specific for GSO/Apertura.

Height adjustment stands.

ATM Altitude and Azimuth
Bearing Parts

Laminate rings and strips.
Teflon pads.
Azimuth bolt assembly kits

Sharper Image Masks

Primary:Fix Turned Down Edge.    

Primary: Remove mirror clip flare.
Spider: Remove diffraction spikes.

Premium Mirror Cells
for 6" to 13.1" mirrors.

Each cell design calculated to optimize your mirror's performance. Eliminates mirror-clip aberrations for true circular aperture.

Clamshell & Rotating Rings

For Dobsonian mounts
For Equatorial mounts

Integrated height adjustment stand

Features, construction, materials, etc.

Add height to your mount without taller side boards compromising stiffness.

Available as an option on any AstroGoods mount, adding integrated legs can raise the eyepiece to achieve a desired comfortable standing height, saving you from bending or needing a chair. This is based on our separately offered Dob Height Stand.
See this review in our customer comments and photos.

Legs attach with 3/8" dowels embedded internally and locked with #12x1.25" stainless steel wood screws. Triangular stiffener abuts 120 degree angled notches preventing any lateral movement.

Leg height of your choice up to 20".

Add the stand up mount option in the mount ordering form. Adds $105 for kit or $175 finished.