CNC Manufactured

Dobsonian Mounts
Current lead time: 6 weeks.
Overview of Mount Choices

Standard Solid Mounts.
Custom Solid Mounts
Custom Collapsible Mounts
All offer setting circle option.
Dobsonian Mount Accessories
Stands:Raise Eyepiece Height.
Digital Setting Circles:
Nexus II
Sky Commander
Amateur Telescope Making
Cells & Image Sharpening
Current lead time: 1 week.
Mirror Cells.
Mirror Masks.
Aperture Masks
Sharpening Double Stars!
Altitude Bearings
Current lead time: 1 week.
Standard 12" And 18" Bearings
Fix For 5" Small Bearings.
Altitude Bearing Guides.
Altitude Bearing Supports.
Rings For Telescope Tubes
Upcoming Items
Contact us to inquire.
Mirror Box Integrated Cells.
Rotating Tube Rings.

Upper Tube Assembly Rings.
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