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 Dobsonian Mounts

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Standard solid
Custom solid.
Custom collapsible.

Manual setting circles.
Digital setting circle installation.
Mounts for two telescopes.
Height adjustment stands

Setting Circles

Custom manual setting circles.

Image Sharpening

Primary:Fix Turned Down Edge. 
Imaging: Remove mirror clip flare.
Aperture: Eliminate spider spikes.

Clamshell & Rotating Rings

For Dobsonian mounts
For Equatorial mounts

Manual Setting Circles 
Prefer digital setting circles? Contact us.

 Above setting circle buyer's comment:

"Mark, it's perfect!!! I was prepared to mod it to fit with my son as a project, but there's no need. It's better than I imagined! We are both crazy about it. Thanks again for your great work!" - Quenton S. 01/23

Azimuth quarters with altitude setting circles, with pointers. Example cut to fit around rocker box.

Manual Setting Circles

Custom sized: We can fit your requirement.
Inscribed 3mm birch plywood, easy to glue.

Azimuth (Az) bearing setting circle: Quarters/Halves/Circles. Quarters fit precisely domestic US shipping included. Complete circles and halves require additional shipping.

Quarters and circles available: (1) fitting top of rocker box bottom board, (2) split or fitted around limited or no space corners of side and front boards, (3) for round ground boards.

Altitude (Alt) bearing setting circle: Designed custom to fit your altitude bearing.

Altitude and azimuth pointer assemblies included.

Please watch for our confirmation e-mail after you order. We will ask for a few simple dimensions.

Order Setting Circles
Choices (Az - Azimuth, Alt - Altitude):

Az circle on rocker box or ground board?

Alt circle: Focuser side (pointed north):

Maximum Az circle width (up to 1.5")?



Azimuth circle on rocker box board.

Azimuth circle on ground board.