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Updated 6/1/24

Other Dobsonian Goodies

Integrated EZ adjust setting circles.
For your mount, on our bearings, or specific for GSO/Apertura.

Height adjustment stands.

ATM Altitude and Azimuth
Bearing Parts

Laminate rings and strips.
Teflon pads.
Azimuth bolt assembly kits

Sharper Image Masks

Primary:Fix Turned Down Edge.    

Primary: Remove mirror clip flare.
Spider: Remove diffraction spikes.

Premium Mirror Cells
for 6" to 13.1" mirrors.

Each cell design calculated to optimize your mirror's performance. Eliminates mirror-clip aberrations for true circular aperture.

Clamshell & Rotating Rings

For Dobsonian mounts
For Equatorial mounts

6" imaging Newtonian upgrade mirror cell
with integrated focal back extender and mirror clip flare elimination.

For GSO, Apertura, TPO and similar brands.

Prototype cell shown separated from focal length extender.

AstroGoods.com prototype Version 1 cell-extender (shown in photos) was created at the request of an astute imager who received, easily installed and tested with excellent results reported:

"Just got in from a three and half hour session outside. Went wonderfully!

This new mirror cell collimates much, much easier than the stock cell. I had no difficulty getting the scope well collimated. And I either had a night of great seeing, or these modifications have significantly improved the image quality that I'm getting from the scope." - Mike J.        

Version 2 (now available) improvements include lighter weight with fewer parts, spacing to provide lateral airflow over the mirror, integrated mirror retaining lip (eliminates front acrylic ring) meaning no mirror clips creating distorting flaring (compare before/after), stainless steel domed mirror supports points with positions calculated providing optimal support/performance.

This cell replaces the factory designed "Spikes Of Doom" cell and precisely attaches to the OTA tube back end cell mounting holes. Specifically for GSO and similar branded 6" telescopes with a 20mm/152mm thickness/diameter primary mirror.

Pushes mirror face 25mm back and is adjustable from 20-30mm with collimation bolts. Other positioning by request as a no-cost modification.

A separate PayPal shipping invoice (write for quote) will be sent.

V1 prototype mounted onto back end of tube.
Assembly top down view.
Assembly back end view.