CNC Manufactured AstroGoods.

New Products

Low cost standardized mounts.
Rotating rings for GEMs.
4.25" mirror cells - soon.

Primary mirror masks.

Crystal 909 bearing laminate.

  • Limited Time End Of Summer Pricing.
  • Low cost standard mounts with bearings.
  • Custom mounts to improve performance.
  • SCT and other OTAs on Dob mounts.
  • Limited Time End Of Summer Pricing.
  • 6" - 13.1" optimized to your mirror's spec.
  • Universal cells for conical/standard mirrors.

Altitude Bearings

  • Swap small bearings for large ones.
  • Small bearings fitted to your tube O.D.
  • Large bearings for tubes or mirror boxes.
  • Add bearings to Newtonian ring sets.
  • Bearing supports.

Clamshell Rings

  • Equatorial head mounting your Dob OTA.
  • Clamshell Rings and Bearings.
  • Lightweight rings for smaller telescopes.
  • Alt and Az bearing laminate strips and rings.
  • Teflon Alt and Az pads.
  • Aluminum tubes.
  • Tube end protectors.

Streetlight Baffles

  • Keep stray light away from your focuser.
  • FRP azimuth disks and rings.

Dobsonian Mounts: Standard And Custom
E-Mail for shipping estimates.

  • Custom mounts designed to optimize your experience. You will see and enjoy more with customized equipment built for your comfort.
  • All mounts are Baltic birch plywood, lighter weight and hold up much better over time than commercial pressed-wood mounts.
  • Custom Mounts can improve stability, ease of motion and be designed to a comfortable viewing height.
  • Weight is further reduced by removing unnecessary plywood. This also provides hand holds for carrying telescope and mount.
  • Solid or collapsible mounts:
    • Solid mounts are built with internal dowels between rocker box boards with stiffeners inside and outside the rocker box as necessary.
    • Collapsible mounts are for storage and transportation solutions, folding flat to 5" height with no loose parts.
  • Kits or finished:
    • Kit - arrives with all parts, predrilled, rough sanded with 80 grit. You fine sand, finish and assemble.
    • Finished Kit - spray finished but not assembled. Reduces shipping costs and helps ship outside the US
    • Finished - arrives spray finished and assembled and ready to use.

Other Custom Dobsonian Mount Applications:

  • Tripod mount your smaller Newtonian for perfect height, rock solid performance, and ability to easily uncouple it for a tabletop Dob.
  • Designs can be customized for Maksotov, Mak-Newt, Mak-Cass or Cassegrain telescopes.
  • Two telescopes on one mount? Interchange different size telescopes on one mount? We can do it!.
Low Cost Standardized Dobsonian Mount Kits:

Solid mount and altitude bearing kits, preset designs for 6" f/8, 8" f/6 or 10 f/4.7 telescopes. Altitude bearing supports are custom cut to fit your telescope tube outside diameter. Bearings ride securely inside the rocker box side walls. Easy assembly, all parts included. We do not modify to these designs.

Custom Mounts

We install Sky Commander Digital Setting Circles $485.00.
Contact us for options if you already own a Sky Commander.
Mounts Only.

For telescopes with existing altitude bearings.

You'll be forwarded to this dimensions page after ordering.

Customer Comments

Deposit Price
Solid Kit
 $90.00 $180.00
Solid Finished
$135.50 $271.00
Collapsible Kit
$102.00 $204.00
Collapsible Finished
$147.00 $294.00
Mounts And Tube Fitted Altitude Bearings.

For telescopes without bearings, replacing
small bearings, or building a telescope.
Custom cut braces fit bearings to tube curve.

You'll be forwarded to this dimensions page after ordering.

Customer Comments

Deposit Price
Solid Kit
$108.00 $216.00
Solid Finished
$162.00 $324.00
Collapsible Kit
$116.50 $233.00
Collapsible Finished
$170.50 $341.00
Mounts With Clamshell Rings And Altitude Bearings.

Allows moving telescope to adjust
balance and eyepiece position.

You'll be forwarded to this dimensions page after ordering.

Customer Comments

Deposit Price
Solid Kit
$126.00 $258.00
Solid Finished
$178.50 $357.00
Collapsible Kit
$135.50 271.00
Collapsible Finished
$185.00 $370.00


Process For Custom Mounts

  • 1: E-mail discuss your requests, what is best for your telescope, current shipping/lead time. Next steps 2 and 3, or order and go to step 4.
  • 2: If you decide to proceed, will send a preliminary pdf drawing per our discussions for revisions or approval.
  • 3: Upon approving the drawing, place your order. You will be automatically transferred to a form for simple dimensions.
  • 4. If you are unsure of the dimensions, choose to send them later by e-mail.
  • 5: After receiving your dimensions, we'll send a dimensioned pdf drawing for revisions or approval, and provide a current ship date.
  • 6: Upon your drawing approval, we begin the shipping "clock" toward the ship date. We then schedule CNC time and program the cuts.
  • 7: After CNC, parts are "dry fitted", then we complete the finishing work on your order.
  • 8: At completion we send a PayPal invoice for balance due plus shipping, as notification that your order is ready to ship.

Low Cost Standardized Dobsonian Mount Kits
Solid Mount Kits for 6" f/8, 8" f/6 and 10" f/4.7 telescopes.

Kits are usually in stock. Mounts are preset size. Upon receiving your order we will custom cut bearing braces to precisely fit your tube's width and outside diameter. This pdf is a sample 8". Tubes are max 48" length. For other width or height needs please see custom mounts.

Fitting requirement maximums:

Telescopes size
Tube maximum diameter
Tube swing through room

Mount construction: Internal dowels in predrilled holes connect the front board, side boards and bottom board making them immovable while providing strength and stiffness. Boards are also screwed together with #12 wood screws hiding the dowels and clamping them in place. Wood parts arrive rough sanded using 80 grit.

Altitude bearing construction: Tube facing side of each bearing have two attached curved braces custom cut hold securely the diameter of your telescope tube. A 3/8" diameter hole through the center of the bearing is for a 3/8" bolt, which passes through the bearing and into the telescope tube. Use a washer and nut on the 3/8" bolt clamps the bearing inside the tube. Bearings ride on supports inside the sideboard walls, preventing lateral slippage, and allowing mount and telescope to be lifted as a single unit. Bearings sizes: 6" telescope, 7.5". 8" telescope, 9.5". 10" telescope, 11.5".

All parts included: 18mm Baltic Birch plywood mount parts, dowels, screws and other necessary hardware except 3/8" bolt assembly. Bearing surfaces virgin Teflon and
Formica laminate Crystal 42. All screw holes predrilled and countersunk. Required items: 3/8" bolt, washer, nut, sandpaper, Philips screwdriver, wood glue, wood putty, contact cement, paint/finish.

Order Here:
Tube Diameter.

Customer Comments

Solid Mounts:

"Beautiful work! Pure pleasure to use and not have to think how this or that eyepiece will affect the scope's balance" J Schwartz

"Wow!!! It's beautiful and the movements are so smooth. Thanks for a great product." W. Ferrara

"Fits better than from the factory." A. Bessler

"Mark you are an amazing Dob Mount maker." B. Stone - 8" Orion XT

"Huge improvement over the stock mount from Discovery Telescopes" J. Fisher

Collapsible Mounts:

"Thank you for the mount! It looks great." T. Campbell

"Ingenuous and folds down to a very manageable size and weight. I'm very impressed!!" G. Susick

"Just to let you know the mount (kit) went together really well." JB

"The collapsible Dob is a home run, Mark, a grand slam home run!!" J. Robinson

Solid Mount with Clamshell Rings with Altitude Bearings:

"I have received the mount and finally had a chance to try it out last night. It is awesome! It looks stunning, the movement is perfect, and I love the way it folds up." - Matt M.

"The motion is excellent and the balance is very good. Nice fit & finish all around." W. Thomas

"There is a lot of forgiveness with the balancing. Very pleased." T. McGuire

Ron had us make a mount with bearings for his 10", and clamshell rings with bearings for his 6" to fit the 10" mount: "Stand arrived this evening. Great job! Looks super, works great. The most amazing part is that it weighs 1/1,000th the weight of the original Orion stand!! Geez!! The real reason that I wanted the mount, so I could put my 6" to good use also. I had no mount for it before, now it looks good enough to sell. BUT - I won't!!" Ron DeAngelis

"Looks great Mark, can't wait to put it all together, thanks." Pat

Collapsible Mount and Clamshell Rings with Bearings:

"I have just had the best weekend, astronomy wise and all due to you.(Plus we finally have clear skies) Thank you a thousand fold, the mount just goes wonderfully, the smoothness and stability. The height is great, can’t express my gratitude and excitement enough. My family would also like to thank you as well, as they now have a happy wife and mother." Maureen Boyd, Australia

"I have stained and assembled the mount; excellent job in your design. The mount has great movement and stability, I’m really enjoying this mount." - S. Block


Mounts have round ground boards and are designed for minimum height. Additional height for a more comfortable viewing position upon request. Parts are CNC cut for uniformity and precise fit.

Solid Mounts: Side and front boards are screwed together and contain internal dowels adding stiffness.
Tall solid mounts may have curved internal or external stiffeners for rigidity.

Collapsible Mounts save storage space and fit easily in your car. Collapsible mount boards are all attached as single unit with heavy duty anodized aluminum hinges, fold flat to 5" height and sets up in minutes. No loose parts; all knobs store securely on the rocker box bottom board.

Kit orders are predrilled with all parts included. Wood parts rough sanded with 80 grit. Teflon pieces precut, countersunk and come with screws.
Formica laminate Crystal 42 bearing strips and azimuth ring are precut to size. Parts are dry-fitted before shipping. Requires fine sanding, Philips screwdriver, 2 wrenches, glue, wood putty and paint/finish..

Finished orders arrive assembled.

New: All altitude bearings ride on supports mounted on the side boards instead of our old style on top of the side boards. This prevents lateral slip by capturing the bearings.

Tube fitting bearings have inside supports with an arc cut to fit the outside diameter of your telescope tube, and require a 3/8" bolt hole in your tube to secure it. Bearing thickness is .708". Small bearings are up to 12" diameter. Large bearings available up to 24" diameter.

Clamshell rings provide 1/8" gap around the tube (1/16" on any side). Line the inside of the rings with adhesive backed felt or weather-stripping to obtain desired fit. The clamshell rings two bottom boards are joined with heavy duty anodized piano hinge. The two top board open, and secure together using a thumb screw passing through one board and screws into an anchor seated in the adjacent board. Altitude bearings are diameter of your telescope tube (up to 12").

Finished and assembled mounts can be shipped to US and Canada. Finished but unassembled mounts and Kits can be shipped worldwide.

Materials: 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, virgin Teflon, Ebony Star replacement Crystal 42 Formica laminate and assorted hardware. Finished mounts have up to four coats of fine sprayed polymer sealer with a cinnamon (reddish) tint.

Shipping: FedEx Ground domestic, USPS internationally. Contact us for a shipping cost estimate.