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Mirror Cells
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8" - 13.1" Optimized 6 Point Flotation

AstroGoods mirror cells are individually built specifically optimizing support point positions. By matching the design to your mirror's specifications, we minimize stresses in the glass that could degrade the mirror performance. Cells are constructed of thermally stable light weight .708" Baltic Birch plywood.

"Just enough" room is provided in the cell for your mirror; floating support pads 0.125" above the top plate, 0.125" space between the mirror's side and three vertical supports, 0.125" under the retraining overhangs.

Upon placing an order you will transferred to this dimension form to provide required information for designing your custom built optimized mirror cell.

 Mirror Size
Cell Weight 
Minimum Tube ID
Kit only
0.8 lbs.
 8.0" - 13.1"
Kit or Finished
1.0 - 2.25 lbs.
Varies by mirror size.


  • Minimum height between front of forward plate and rear of back plate: 1.875"
  • Mounting holes for 0.25" bolts and nuts drilled in spokes 0.354" forward in back plate.
  • 0.25" space (0.5" total) between cell and tube wall for ease of installing or removal.
  • 6" mirror cells have marks at the three optimal support positions.
  • 8" - 13.1" mirror cells have six-point support optimally calculated for best perforamce.
  • All cell rear plates drilled to accept cooling fans.
  • Kits rough sanded, all parts included. Requires fine sanding, finishing and assembly.
  • Finished cells arrive ready to use.

Standard 6" With 3 Point Supports Marked.