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New Products

Low cost standardized mounts.
Rotating rings for GEMs.
4.25" mirror cells - soon.

Primary mirror masks.

Crystal 909 bearing laminate.

  • Limited Time End Of Summer Pricing.
  • Low cost standard mounts with bearings.
  • Custom mounts to improve performance.
  • SCT and other OTAs on Dob mounts.
  • Limited Time End Of Summer Pricing.
  • 6" - 13.1" optimized to your mirror's spec.
  • Universal cells for conical/standard mirrors.

Altitude Bearings

  • Swap small bearings for large ones.
  • Small bearings fitted to your tube O.D.
  • Large bearings for tubes or mirror boxes.
  • Add bearings to Newtonian ring sets.
  • Bearing supports.

Clamshell Rings

  • Equatorial head mounting your Dob OTA.
  • Clamshell Rings and Bearings.
  • Lightweight rings for smaller telescopes.
  • Alt and Az bearing laminate strips and rings.
  • Teflon Alt and Az pads.
  • Aluminum tubes.
  • Tube end protectors.

Streetlight Baffles

  • Keep stray light away from your focuser.
  • FRP azimuth disks and rings.

Mirror Cells
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Customer comments

Every AstroGoods standard mirror cell is custom designed and optimized. Optimization minimizes stresses which may distort the mirror and degrade the image
. Proper calculated mirror support positions produce the sharpest images.

6" mirror cells have felt pads at the three support positions. Mirrors 8"-13.1" have six-point support. All support points are calculated for the mirror's diameter, thickness, focal length and secondary mirror size. We size fit to the inside diameter of your tube. We cut our retaining mirror clips to be 1/8" above the front surface, securely containing it in the cell. Kits arrive rough sanded with all parts. You fine sand, paint wood parts. Assembly is easy. Finished cells arrive painted, assembled and ready to use.

End Of Summer Special!
Standard Mirror Cells

Minimum Tube ID
 6.0" Kit
0.8 lbs.
 8.0" to 13.1" Kit 
1.0 - 1.5 lbs.
Varies by mirror
 8.0" to 13.1" Finished 
1.0 - 1.5 lbs.
Varies by mirror
Minimum height between cell's top and bottom plate 1.875"
Cell 0.25" mounting holes are 0.354" from rear of back plate.


Your Mirror's Specifications: After placing an order you are automatically transferred to a dimensions form asking: (1) mirror diameter, (2) mirror thickness, (3) focal length or ratio, (4) secondary size.

Rear cell plate can be modified to match larger tube inside diameters. Check the appropriate box on the form after ordering. Add $30.
Standard 8" - 12.5" Optimized 6 Point Flotation
Standard 6" Low Cost Optimized.

Universal For Conical Or Standard Mirrors

Universal Mirror Cell

Fits a minimum 8-3/8" interior dimension tube. Two 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood plates contain bolts secured in the top plate. Heavy duty flat ended springs are secured on the bolts between the top and bottom plates. Bottom of springs are captured in wells in the in the bottom plates. Bolts pass through bottom plate and washers, and into the collimating knobs. The tube supports are 1/8" aluminum, which can also be used as mirror clip sets. Comes with three diameter and height adjustable tube supports shown at left. Wooden parts painted flat black.

Universal Mirror Cell
Universal Mirror Cell
For 8" to 13" mirrors.
 Mirror Clip Set (quantity 3)
Universal Mirror Cell materials and specifications.
Weight: 0.85 lb.
Height: 2.75" from back of collimation knobs. Knobs are 0.8125" tall.
Mounting: Uses 1/4-20 screws - three available positions - see above.
1.  0.375" forward of the front of the rear plate.
2.  0.375" back of the front of the rear plate.
3.  0.875" back of the front of the rear plate.
Optional Mirror Clip Set adds 0.1 lb.

Customer Comments

Standard Cells are a new product - we will post comments as received.

Universal Mirror Cell:

"Hi, I just received mirror cell. I am Very satisfied with quality, fast shipping and packing!!" Jo - Korea

"Hi Mark -I am very very very satisfied! I'll take it to the astronomy club of São Paulo and show my friends."
- M Corrêa, Brazil

"The cell actually looks and feels more sturdy then the impression the photos gave me." - J. Hackman