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Mirror Cells
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8" - 13.1" Optimized 6 Point Flotation
Each AstroGoods mirror cell is individually designed with support points optimized to its buyer's mirror specifications. This provides best support for minimizing stresses in the glass that degrade performance.

A specialized image sharpening method is available, eliminating mirror clip overhang with a Mirror Mask laminate ring supported above the mirror inset into the inner edge of the side supports. This: 1)
Provides a retainer too small for the mirror to unintentionally come out. 2) Masks turned down edges (TDE) noticeably sharpening the image. 3) Eliminates diffraction replacing intrusions of mirror clips over the mirror's surface with an uninterrupted sharp perfect circle. Adds $20 added at time of shipping, Select this option on the dimensions form after ordering.

 Mirror Size
Cell Weight 
Minimum Tube ID
Kit only
0.8 lbs.
 8.0" - 13.1"
Kit or Finished
1.0 - 2.25 lbs.
Varies by mirror size. Please inquire.


  • Minimum height between front of forward plate and rear of back plate: 1.875"
  • Mounting holes are 0.354" from rear of back plate, drilled for 0.25" bolts.
  • 0.25" space provided between cell and tube wall for ease of installing or removal.
  • 6" mirror cells have marks at the three optimal support positions.
  • 8" - 13.1" mirror cells have six-point optimally calculated supports.
  • All cell rear plates drilled to accept cooling fans.
  • Kits rough sanded, all parts included. Requires fine sanding, finishing and assembly.
  • Finished cells arrive ready to use.

Place Order:

What Specifications We Need: After placing an order you will be transferred to this dimensions form for: primary mirror diameter, thickness, focal length or ratio and secondary mirror size.

What To Expect: the mirror cell it will provide 1/8" space above the supports, 1/8" under the mirror clips overhang and 1/8" between the side of the mirror and inside face of mirror clips. This allows adding adhesive backed felt pads for a precise fit without pinching the mirror or allowing it movement in the cell.

For cells to be mounted in oversized tubes we may add $20.

Standard 6" With 3 Point Supports Marked.
Above is a 10" mirror cell in process before fan mounting holes, fine sanding and final assembly.