Products CNC manufactured for uniformity and precision.

Dobsonian Mounts
Height can be designed for comfort. Kit or finished. Solid or collapsible. Variations avaialbe:

Mount only, or
... with fitted alt. bearings, or
... with clamshell rings and bearings
New and available:
6" f8, 8" f6 mount/bearing kit $189.50

Altitude Bearings
New: Turn 5" into 12" Big Bearings.
New: Mirror box bearing supports.
Small bearings fit to tube curve.
Large bearings for mirror boxes.

Add bearings to your existing rings.

Mirror Cells
New: 6" low cost, 3 point support.
Standard 8" - 12.5", 6 point flotation.

Universal for conical or standard.

Clamshell Rings
Dovetail plate mount Newtonians on these heavy duty or
lightweight rings.

Kydex Light Baffles
New: Eliminates stray light.

ATM parts
New: Round Teflon improves motion.
Teflon altitude and azimuth pads.
FRP bearing strips, azimuth rings.
Aluminum tubes.
Tube end rings

Astro Club Discount Program

Discounts & Leftovers.
FRP azimuth disks and rings.

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Custom Work / Who Are We?

Black Kydex Light Baffles

Keep stray light out of your tube and focuser. Each baflle individually made.

First generation light baffle - multi-piece.
All light baffles are now one-piece as shown below.

Drawing below is for the 10" telescope above, tube ID: 11.25". Cost: $28.50.

Light baffles are one piece with slots that fit over your spider vanes.
Opposite ends of baffle adhere with a Velcro Strip.

Baffles runs are done every three weeks.

Send us the information below to receive a quote.

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Tube inside diameter:
Distance between top of tube and top of spider vanes:
Amount of Kydex extending below spider vanes across from focuser:
Height of Kydex extending above tube opposite the focuser:
Number of spider vanes:
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