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About Our Dobsonian Mounts
  Standard Mounts
Custom Solid Mounts
Custom Collapsible Mounts

Dob Stand Back Savers

Tunable Altitude Bearings

Custom Clamshell Rings for Dobs or EQ Mounts
GSO, Apertura, Skywatcher, no mount?

GSO/Apertura replacement mount. Read comment.

"Perfect SkyWatcher mount upgrade. Thank you!"

Customer Photos/Comments

Rock Steady Solid Mount
with clamshell rings and large altitude bearings.

This custom mount has extra height built into the rocker box as seen here.

Sky Commander digital setting circles installed shown attached and detached from bearings.

Mirror Masks - Now In Stock.
6", 8", 10", 12", 12.5" masks (6",12" shown above).

Mirror Cells


Teflon And Bearing Laminate Materials