CNC Manufactured AstroGoods.

  • Primary mirror masks
  • GEM tube rotating rings
  • Standard mount and altitude bearings kit.
  • Custom mounts designed to your specs.
  • Two telescopes with one mount?
  • Maks and SCT and Newts (oh my!).
  • Tripod adapt a small Grab-and-Go Dob.
  • Digital setting circles.
  • Small bearings transformed to 12 inch!
  • Small bearings fitted securely to your tube.
  • Large bearings for mirror box or big tubes.
  • Bearing supports.
  • Bearings for existing Newtonian tube rings.

Clamshell Rings

  • Newtonian mounting on an equatorial head.
  • Building a mount? Add rings and bearings.
  • Lightweight rings for smaller telescopes.
  • 6" low cost optimized.
  • 8" - 12.5" mirror optimized 6 point flotation.
  • Universal for conical or standard mirrors.

Streetlight Baffles

  • Eliminate light around your focuser.
  • Altitude and Azimuth Bearing Materials.
  • Aluminum tubes.
  • Tube end rings.
  • FRP azimuth disks and rings.

8" Dobsonian: Solid mount, clamshell rings with altitude bearings, tube end rings. Ordered finished.

"Mark worked tirelessly with me on my mount project. I had many ideas for customization and changes that I wanted to make and he worked with me on every single aspect of it. He would not rest until I was satisfied and his attention to detail and commitment to his customers is truly amazing. Thank you again for everything you did, Mark. I am truly grateful and very happy with my mount."

Patrick Sutton, September 2018  

8" Dobsonian: Collapsible mount, tube fitting small bearings, 8" mirror cell. Ordered as a kit.

Marcelo Ianini in Rio Di Janeiro built this with our collapsible mount kit. The completed mount folds flat to 5" height. This Brazilian beauty is the telescope version of The Girl From Ipanema!

AstroGoods has shipped to customers in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.
Above: Our standard 6 point flotation cell for 8", 10" and 12" mirrors. All cells are designed optimized to your mirror's specifications for top performance.

Below: Altitude bearing and support for mounting on a mirror box. We offer a wide range of custom altitude bearings for many design solutions.
Adding Stiffness To Height

Would you like your heavy newtonian or SCT variant tube assembly on a solid Dob mount? The mount at left is designed for a very long focal length newtonian. The internal stiffeners were custom designed to fit the tube's diameter. We add other stiffeners both internal and extetnal depending on the tube assembly length and weight to solve for rigidity. The same approach has been taken for the MN66 Mak-Newt shown on the right. The MN66 is quite heavy and required significant additional stiffeners. Both mounts have internal dowels between the side and front boards, and from those board into the bottom board.