Mounts with Clamshell Rings and Bearings
Solid Collapsible

All current mounts have round ground boards extending to corners of the rocker box.

We'll ask for a few simple dimensions after your order is placed, or choose to e-mail them later.

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Mounts are available as solid or collapsible. All are custom designed to specifications of your telescope from a minimum height, or taller for more comfortable viewing position. Parts are CNC cut for uniformity and precise fit. Sky Commander Digital Setting Circles is an option that may be added at the end of your order.

Solid Mounts: Use dowels inside the boards and are screwed together.
Taller solid mounts may incorporate vertical outer or curved internal stiffeners.

Collapsible Mount save storage space and fit more easily in your car. All mount boards are attached together as single unit with heavy duty anodized aluminum piano hinge, "folds" flat to 5" height and sets up in minutes. No loose parts; clamping knobs store securely in the rocker box bottom board.

Kit orders are predrilled, all parts included. Wood parts rough sanded with 80 grit. Teflon pieces precut, beveled and countersunk, FRP bearing strips and azimuth ring precut to size. Parts are dry-fitted before shipping. Requires fine sanding, philips screwdriver, 2 wrenches, glue for FRP.

Finished orders: arrive ready to use. Finished orders can be shipped unassembled to facilitate non-US destinations.

Clamshell rings are custom designed leaving 1/8" of space around the tube (1/16" on any side). You will need adhesive backed felt or weatherstripping to line the inside of the rings to obtain desired fit. The clamshell rings two bottom boards are joined with heavy duty anodized piano hinge. The two top board open, and secure together using a 2-1/2"x1/4-20 thumb screw passing transverally through one board and into a 1/4-20 threaded insert seated in the adjacent board, to close the clamshell. Bearings attach to 4" wide supports that attach to the ring segments. The front ring halves and back ring halves screw onto the bearing supports and top and bottom assemblies using #12 wood screws.

Bearings are cut to provide 1/16" space between their outer edge and the mount bearing cutouts. Bearing thickness is .708" with .583" FRP covered bearing surface. A 1/8" wide lip on the outside face of the bearing prevents lateral slipping.

Finished and assembled mounts shipped to US and Canada. Finished but unassembled mounts and Kits can be shipped worldwide.

Materials: 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, virgin Teflon, FRP. 3/8" azimuth bolt, 3/8"x1/2" flanged bushing, t-nut, lock nut, #12 and #6 wood screws, #4 brass screws, 2-1/2" long 1/4-20 thumb screw, brass wood inserts. Finished mounts have up to four coats of fine sprayed polymer sealer with a cinnimon (reddish) tint.

Shipping: FedEx Ground domestic, USPS internationally. Contact us for a shipping cost estimate.