Universal Mirror Cells

Top view of Universal Mirror Cell

This cell can accommodate either a standard type or conical mirror. It is adjustable, with the ability to fit mirrors from 8" to 13.1". It is an inexpensive solution for mirror support. The front plate (disk) fits the back of up to a 12.5" conical mirror.

Comes standard with three adjustable tube supports. Three extra tube supports are optional -
for six total. Optional mirror clip sets are completely adjustable.

Perfect replacement for the Orion XT series Dobsonian - solves the problem of collimation bolts backing all the way out, requiring difficult reassemble.

 Universal Mirror Cell for 8" to 13" primaries.
 Mirror Clip Set (3)
 Extra Tube Supports (3)
Weight: 0.85 lb.
Height: 2.75" from back of collimation knobs - can be made 0.375" thinner.
Mounting: Uses 1/4-20 screws - three available positions - see this image.:
1.  0.375" forward of the rear plate..
2.  0.375" back of the rear plate.
3.  0.875" back of the rear plate..
Optional Mirror Clip Set adds 0.1 lb.

Standard Mirror Cells

Top view of 10" mirror cell.
Bottom view of 10" mirror cell.

Check out our new 6" mirror cell.

Each standard mirror cell is custom designed to optimize the support points by calculating your mirror's diameter, thickness, focal length and secondary mirror size, using the outstanding tool PLOP.

Cell are 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood - thermally stable and very rigid, with holes cut to minimize weight, allow maximum cooling Mirror clips are custom sized to come to within 1/8" of your mirror surface, face and sides. Mounting holes can be provided for standard size fans.

Mirror Diameter / Price
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0.8 lbs.
1.0 lbs.
1.2 lbs.
1.4 lbs.

Mirror diameter:
Mirror thickness:
Focal Length or Ratio:
Secondary mirror size:
Tube inside diameter:

New 6" cells are three point support - standard for that size primary. See new drawing.
8" and 10" cells are six point support. 12.5" cells are six point support, custom designed to fit your rectangular box dimensions. We can manufacture larger mirror cells upon request.

Standard Mirror Cell Materials
and Construction

Top plate and mirror support clips are 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood. 2-1/4" hex head bolts are inset and seated securely in the top plate, passing through heavy duty flat ended springs, into and through the bottom 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood plate, through stainless steel washers then secured by clamping knobs which are used to adjust flit/collimation. Height of cell is 3". Mirror clips screw into top plate with #12 wood screws. All wooden parts painted flat black. We are always working on improving our products, so above information is subject to change without notice.


Universal Mirror Cell Materials

The Universal Mirror Cell is CNC precision cut 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood, 2-1/4" hex head bolts, seated securely through the top plate, through heavy duty flat ended springs, through the bottom plate, through stainless steel washers into clamping knobs. The side supports are 1/8" aluminum, which is also used as mirror clip assemblies. Wooden parts painted flat black.