Altitude Bearings
Tube Fitted and Flat-Sided

Small Bearings Kits. Flat-Sided on left, for attaching to a mirrro box. Tube Fitted on right with supports cut to match the exteriour curve of your tube.
Large Tube Fitted Bearings - Finished.

Three styles of bearings are availalbe. All bearings are custom made::

Tube-Fitted altitude bearings

Fitted altitude bearings are for telescopes typically up to 10 inches, in tubes, where the supports on the altitude bearings are cut to fit the curve of the tube. Fitted altitude bearings can be made in any size.

Flat sided altitude bearings

Flat sided altitude bearings fit flat against square or rectangular mirror boxes, typically found on 12 inch or larger telescopes.

Altitude bearings designed for the rings on equatorially mounted newtonians, allowing use on a Dobsonian mount.

Altitude bearings for existing rings are for appilcations where someone wants to use their equatorially mounted telescope on a Dobsonian mount. The altitude bearings are designed to use the existing mounting holes on the rings set.

Also available is a "fix" allowing owners of Dobsonians with small altitude bearings to add larger bearings for finer control and sure balance without the need to modify their existing mount by cutting it. E-mail for more info.

You're better off with larger bearings that provides finer altitude control and eliminates balance problems when changing eyepieces.

Small fitted bearings are available up to 11.875"diameter with 11.5" bearing surface - as shown above. Without a lip, up at 11.875 bearing surface.

Fitted bearing supports are custom CNC cut to precisely fit the outside diameter of your tube. Large fitted altitude bearings from 12" to 23".

Contact us for quotes on larger than 23". Above right photo is a 23" bearing for a 12" tube.

Bearings are offered with or without a 1/8" wide by 3/16" tall outer lip. The lip helps prevent lateral shift on your mount.

Bearings are available as a kit or assembled and finished.

Finished Altitude Bearings:
Arrive ready to use. Can be shipped to most countries.


Bearing options.
With lip or without?
Bearing surface diameter?
Tube diameter, or flat mount?
Kit Altitude Bearings:
All parts included. Wooden parts are rough sanded, and pre-drilled. Ebony star or FRP is precut to fit, screw and mounting holes predrilled. All parts dry-fitted before shipping. Kits shipped worldwide. You'll need: Philips screwdriver, sand paper, wood glue, contact cement or spray adhesive, wood putty.

CNC precision cut 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood, ebony star or FRP cut to fit with finish screws to attach, #12 steel wood screws. Finished bearings have up to eight coats of fine sprayed polymer sealer, with an ebony (reddish) tint.

Payment is by PayPal or credit card via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. For estimated shipping costs, e-mail or call with the bearing size desired, and your zip code or country..
Upon receiving your order, we will e-mail you for these dimensions:
Diameter or circumference of your tube, any existing mounting hole(s) on your tube, inside distance between your mount's side boards.